Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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Force Contracting Services have been working to make the UK more secure for a decade. By offering pioneering asset protection solutions, FCS are able to mitigate the threats posed by hostile forces, aiding in the protection of any premises.


Permanant or temporary HVM can be implemented through the provision of a range of protective equipment, FCS can install a fully integrated system of crash-tested/anti-terrorism products.

Threat Analysis and Operational Requirements

As part of our comprehensive security offering, FCS has the facility to conduct full site surveys to identify potential weak points vulnerable to attack. By identifying all potential attack faces, FCS is able to develop a full Operational Requirements report to specify site needs. This enables FCS to offer a full turnkey solution, from the identification of OR’s to installation, maintenance and decommissioning.


Force Contracting are able to supply and install a full range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions to form one integrated system. Through the provision of an integrated solution, FCS are able to maintain the security of any site. Products installed by FCS include:

  • Automated and Static Barriers
  • Automated and Static Blockers
  • Automated and Static Bollards
  • Crash Rated Fencing
  • Anti-Burrow Beams
  • Safety Barriers and Security
  • Telescopic Bollards
  • Fixed Bollards
  • Hoop Barriers
  • Surface Mounted Bollard
  • Road Blocker
  • Lift Out Bollards
  • Stainless Steel Bollards
  • Rising Bollards
  • Crash Rated Wire Rope Fencing
  • Crash Tested Barrier Systems
  • Impact Tested Road Blockers
  • High Security Bollards
  • Removable Bollards
  • Buried Perimeter Detection Systems
  • Retractable Bollards
  • Shallow Foundation Bollards


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